Millie Aldridge

Empowering you to be the best version of yourself. Take your personal and business life to the next level

Love yourself. Speak your truth. Be response-able.

Supporting you to make conscious choices

You create the whole of your own reality and I am here to guide you into your greatness!

Are the choices you’re making uplifting you, or draining your energy? Are you feeling anxious, stuck in your career, relationships in standstill, feeling ‘not good enough’ or maybe caught in repetitive blame?

I’m offering you the opportunity to make a different choice: to CHOOSE to be empowered!

My methodology supports you to create the future that you want. After years of intensive study and personal development’ I’ve created a process and tool kit to help you create sustainable change. I’m here to guide you to make the best and most conscious choice you can make to live the life you really want to live.

If you’re ready to change beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you, then you’ve come to the right place. I look forward to inspiring you while you grow and you step into your true POWER.

I'm available for face to face coaching in my Perth studio or by phone / skype coaching wherever you are in the world. Book in your 30min free discovery session

Business Coaching

Having built my own business and working with business clients, what I know is: a successful business is all about relationship and communication.
And the starting point? – the relationship and communication you have with yourself.

Personal Coaching

As a coach my role is to inspire, support, empower and challenge you. It’s not about me agreeing with your story, its about me helping you write a new story and letting go of what no longer serves you, such as limiting beliefs and behaviors.

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My Blog

A resource of writing, videos and chats

Event & Workshops

I run events and workshops that bring together women just like you in a safe sharing environment

Private Facebook Group

Working with me gives you access to my private Facebook group: the sisterhood. With FacebookLive events and support from me and hundreds of like minded women, it’s a great place to get centred, talk things through and share difficulties, wins, goals and challenges.

Blogs, videos and connecting

You may have heard of your NEGATIVE MIND/ EGO/ MONKEY…

‘I stopped explaining myself when I realised people only understand…

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1 year ago

If you're caught up in the chaos around you at the moment than here is your reminder to just SLOW DOWN.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed... take a deep breath and slow down.
If you get triggered in ... See more

My Clients Say:

Thanks so much for all of your support. I’m in such a great place right now. The tools and knowledge you’ve passed on to me are priceless! I can’t thank you enough for sharing them with me and for supporting me in understanding and using them to grow and love myself.
- Selina

Millie came into our work place recently to talk about how to create more effective communication and better relationships with ourselves and others. The frameworks she showed us have had such a positive impact in our business. We’re now able to speak our truth and no longer is there a lot of unresolved tension or miscommunication. I really look forward to having Millie even more involved in our business.

- Krystal

I think everyone could do with a bit of Millie time! I’m so grateful our paths crossed. I’ve spent the past 6 months learning the tools to have the confidence to be unapologetically me! I now wake up with a much healthier outlook and an attitude of gratitude. Thank you!

- Nat