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Relationship and communication

Having built my own business and working with business clients, what I know is: a successful business is all about relationship and communication.

And the starting point? – the relationship and communication you have with yourself and your team.

The methodology and tool kit I have created will transform the way you communicate and relate – within yourself and in your business – so that you’ll achieve sustainable change in productivity, purpose, profit and work satisfaction.

I’ll unlock issues in your business to create the change you’re looking for.


Are you just starting a business but feel stuck and unsure what the next step is? I have had my own business now for over 3 years so I have been through a lot of ups and downs. And what I know for sure is that if there are any blocks in your work flow then it is a direct reflection of what is going on within yourself.
I can support you through my business and personal coaching packages. Using my business toolkit, I can help you create a successful and sustainable business.


Is your work and life out of balance? Perhaps you’re loving your career but finding it hard to work with your boss or colleagues? Or you’re wanting a career change and feeling scared or confused? Together we can come up with some simple yet powerful strategies to help you maintain your passion, stay on purpose and get clear in your career path.
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Successful teams are built on good relationships, which reply on open communication. My toolkit will help you open up deeper levels of communication in your team and build trust so that you can achieve sustainable change in productivity, purpose, profit and work satisfaction for yourself and your team. I find it’s best to work together in either of these 2 ways:

Single team building session.

If you are looking for a one off program targeted at re energizing your team either in house or offsite than this option is for you.

I will create a specific program using my profound toolkit just for you and your team to help clear any blocks and achieve more effective communication and productivity in the workplace.

This will be a 3 hour session where I deliver the frameworks and tools that your business will highly benefit from. I can come into your workplace or deliver the session online using Zoom.


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6 month team building program

If you are looking to create long term strategies to benefit your business than this is for you.

Sustainable change is achieved through an in-depth program. I will deliver in depth the tools and frameworks that support your team to work better in their personal and professional lives, with on site or online 3 hour sessions delivered once/month for 6 consecutive months.  We can be flexible with timings that suit you and your teams needs.

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I'm available for face to face coaching in my Perth studio or by phone / skype coaching wherever you are in the world. Book in your 30min free discovery session