Everyone needs a Millie in their life

All my life I’ve struggled with comparing myself to other girls, even in primary school, I would hate my body, I hate how I looked, it went all the way through to high school until I found Millie at the age of 17, I had struggled with friends, and always felt alone.
Millie was that person that made me feel not alone, she turned into the best friend I never had! She taught me self love, that I control everything around me, once I had learnt these tools everything fell into place, I got 1st place in the competition I’ve been dreaming about, my relationships sorted them selves out, all the toxic people went, and I now have the greatest relationships I’ve ever had, some people find their solid friendships early in life but being 21 now I’ve found mine. The tools Millie has given me will last a life time, I honestly believe everyone needs a Millie in their life!