I clicked with Millie straight away, I felt safe and understood.

A couple of years ago I went through a series of terrible relationships and after the last one I hit rock bottom. I was a shell of my true self. I was my biggest critic and truly believed that I was the cause for all wrong doings in my life and my breakups. I hated who I was and truly believed that I was not worth it. I lost all self-confidence and became obsessed with exercise and what people thought of me. I lost hope that I would ever meet someone and have the life I dreamt of. I became hard and disconnect, it was only when I realised that it was me who was attracting continuous drama and negativity into my life, that I decided to take action because this was not who I was.

I saw Millie’s ‘I am lovable’ page on Facebook and after I read her bio I remember bursting into tears and booking an appointment. I clicked with Millie straight away, I felt safe and understood. I remember knowing she was the best thing for me when she asked me if I could look in the mirror and say to myself “I am worthy, I love myself and I am lovable” and at first I couldn’t, and she said well you are, and we will work together until you know this too.

I signed up with Millie for 6 months for some serious self-work. We broke down all my blocks and barriers from my childhood until now. It was a tough and hard road as not only did I have to face the demons that I did not understand and tried to hide away from all my life, to losing a number of, what I thought at the time, were great friendships. Because I learnt what my needs and limits are and that it’s ok for people to come and go in your life after their lessons have been taught. Slowly I am learning what normal relationships should be, and have a handful of honest and loyal friends.

I learnt so much about myself though Millie’s models; how to still my mind, meditate and trust that my universe is always there to guide me and help me find the answers I need. I learnt that how people treat you is a reflection from within you, and you can choose how to respond to them without being emotionally involved, I choose to live in the new paradigm and not be a victim or a rescuer. I learnt that sometimes you have to simply breathe let go and let god (whatever you conceive it to be) take control, and trust that I will always be ok.

I recently went to America for a spiritual journey for the new me, and I remember just before I left Millie said to me “I have a feeling that you are going to meet someone”, I casually brushed this off, but she was right! I met the most incredible man that I asked my universe for, and he has shown me what it means to truly be loved for who I am, and that I deserve this love and I love him back unconditionally.

I honestly am proud of the Woman I am today, I still have my faults and barriers that I will continue to work on but Millie I can’t thank you enough! You brought me back to “Emma”, I am so blessed to have found you and now call you a true friend.

I have and will continue to recommend Millie to women who need her!



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