I now have clarity and a purpose, no longer stuck in a rut.

I now have clarity and a purpose, no longer stuck in a rut and can control my emotions and focus on the present and embracing the future.

Millie is not only my life coach but my life savior and life friend. Her face to face sessions literally saved my life by improving my life and stop over thinking.

I didn’t know where to start…I didn’t know who to turn to, my life no longer had a purpose but then I met Millie.

I have been working with Millie for 12 months, I was skeptical at first but I now know that was just my negative mind trying to make me overthink. This is just one of the many tools Millie has helped me understand in taking control of my life and projecting my energy into how I want to feel.

My story reached boiling point upon the loss of another close friend and attempting to take my own life. I have lost approximately 3x people each year since 2001 to preventable causes that took a toll on my mental health. I have also suffered from many things Millie has dealt with herself from distorted eating habits to self sabotage which made her easy to connect to and I instantly felt at ease in letting her show me some tough love. If it wasn’t for my sessions with Millie I would not be able to grasp that unexpected things are always going to happen in life. Millie helped me realize and understand the only control I have is to choose how I handle and not blame myself. I have made the decision to survive using courage, humour and grace.

Millie helped me to acknowledge everyday the things I am grateful for big and small and visualise what I want especially in relation to my future, specifically a new job (that I got and then got promoted within 3 months) which makes me understand that you must “never give up on what you are passionate about, for the tide will bring it to you when the wind is right.   Staying calm in the chaos resonates with me on a daily basis, deep breaths and acknowledging fear flags that I know I can overcome are just a few of the great tools Millie helped me to understand.

Millie is the most down to earth, passionate and present woman I have ever met, I have had counseling in the past but what I gained from our sessions were life skills that are the most valuable life lessons and support I have ever received. Anyone that is going through a hard time and feeling like they need guidance in a variety of areas external and internal should reach out to this beautiful soul, I can not thank her enough.

Thank you Millie



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