More confident and happy

I first came across Millie 3 years ago. I was negative and hated so much. I thought that I needed to change my job & my life to then be happy. I thought it was everything external making me feel the way I did.
I drove the same way to work everyday, left the same time to get there and I would get so irrationally mad if something threw me off track.
I couldn’t go to a restaurant alone, I would pick friends up so I didn’t have to.
These are just a few examples of how much I lacked self confidence and happiness.
I still remember my first call to Millie I was so nervous! And now today she’s like one of my best friends!
She has taught me so many tools to deal with my anxiety and obsessive tendencies.
I am more confident and happy than ever before – I have my days like everyone however I feel like now I can take on anything. Whatever I want I add to my vision board and visualise it, and it happens!
I’ve moved away from my family and friends to grow myself more and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Millie’s support. Life is amazing and sometimes it takes someone outside your circle to get you on track. I wish I could just make everyone experience what it’s like to have her in your life!