My Journey

In my early 20’s I battled with body image issues, insecurities and self doubt. I was unhappy and would often push people out of my life as a way to protect myself. It was a very uneasy way to live. I imagined myself a victim – disempowered and lost.

My turning point came when I was 24. I walked away from a toxic relationship and a life that didn’t feel right (I was becoming someone that I didn’t want to be). I chose to leave behind my job as a personal trainer, a friendship group that didn’t align with my values, and all that I had known for a long time.

I travelled in Bali for 3 months on my own, I became a yoga teacher, meditated daily and did a lot of self reflection. This was the transition period for me – I was stepping into my true power, becoming my own woman and realizing that I no longer had to be a people pleaser.

I learnt that the common denominator in my life and all of my relationships was ME; so if I wanted anything around me to change I first had to go within and make a change.

Millie Aldridge. My journey

When we change the meaning we give a situation, get a new perspective, learn more tools, we begin to shift our reality from fear to LOVE.

Over the past few years I have created opportunities where I have really had to speak my truth and trust my intuition, as scary as it felt I started to really stand up for myself.

One of the hardest decisions was moving away from my family and friends to live on the other side of the country. I questioned this choice for a long time. My mind would say one thing and my intuition would say another. I learnt a lot about my behaviors, my patterns and myself in that time. I worked with my own coach to help me dive deeper and I am so grateful that I did. She supported me to change some core beliefs that were holding me back in my business and relationships.

I now love myself unconditionally, run my own successful business, I am in a loving and supportive relationship of 4.5 years and my finace and I live in a home that we bought, with our adorable puppy Max! I travel a lot and wake up passionate and excited most days! Of course I am still human so I feel emotions, however I have learnt how to feel through any discomfort in a healthy way so I don’t let anxiety or overwhelm hold me back. I have more awareness and power over my fearful ego mind so that it no longer stops me from creating an amazing reality.

My journey has had its share of dark days. I’ve questioned my choices, felt like giving up and some days didn’t even want to get out of bed. I keep going though becauseI now understand that from each of these tough times, the most profound personal growth has evolved. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I now flow through life a lot easier, knowing that with every mistake or struggle there is an opportunity to learn from it, feel EMPOWERED and help me show up each day being the best version of myself!

Create a life of emotional | strength.