Since seeing Millie I feel like I have changed into a different person.

My very first session with Millie my life changed. I have gone from being one who stresses majorly over work and now work does not even bother me.

I have had life events that Millie really helped me deal with and approach in a different way, I don’t know what I would’ve done if I didn’t have her support. I could never even look in the mirror at myself without just putting myself down constantly or comparing myself to everyone.

The best three things that I took from my 6 months with Millie would be, controlling my negative mind, accepting myself as who I am and reacting differently to life events. I would strongly recommend Millie to anyone! Since seeing her I feel like I have changed into a different person.

I react so differently to events/things that before would’ve of completely knocked me down. I feel so much stronger and can adapt to change a lot easier now. Millie has changed my life in many ways and I am so grateful to have met her.

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