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Grab your favourite healthy drink, get comfy and enjoy my video where I talk about ‘Embrace’ – a documentary all about the Body Image Movement, my journey and how we can travel together.[x_pullquote type=”right”]When we focus on our HEALTH, compliment our inner qualities AND radiate authenticity from the inside out, everything begins to fall into place![/x_pullquote]

One of my missions in life is to be the example for embracing our bodies and changing the way we look at body image! It’s time NOW for all of us to overcome our struggles with hating our bodies. There’s more depth to each of us than what we look like. Underneath our appearance is our soul, our truth.

In this video I share my passion to support you around this topic, and I invite you all to LOVE yourself unconditionally and start respecting your incredible body. When we focus on our HEALTH, compliment our inner qualities AND radiate authenticity from the inside out, everything begins to fall into place! Come on this journey with me and together lets create body acceptance and LOVE for ourselves, each other and for our younger generation.

Here is the link to the ‘Embrace’ trailer.
It’s a great movie, so when you’re watching it, and more importantly, when looking at your own body please remember this:If you’ve been hating yourself for years, try approving of yourself and see what happens. WHAT YOU BELIEVE you will SEE!! So, when you stand in front of the mirror telling yourself how fat, ugly and disgusting you are, then that is what you will see. Using positive affirmations really transformed the way I looked at myself. I know it can be hard (I have been there) BUT it’s also rewarding. Try it, come up with a few different affirmations you can tell yourself e.g. I am lovable, I am worthy, I am beautiful, I am radiating happiness… repeating them either to yourself, in the mirror or just inside your head and you’ll begin to re-wire your brain and have a profound impact on how you look at yourself. Give it a go. Trust me – over time your beliefs will change.
The Louise Hay book- “You can heal your life,” is great if you’re interested in learning more.

Remember too, the more you are grateful for something, the more you attract things to be grateful for. Having an attitude of GRATITUDE for how incredible your body functions will also shift the way you look at your body from fear to LOVE. You would have to agree, our bodies are amazing, what they do on a daily basis is powerful and how they overcome illness is profound. Give your body the love, support and appreciation it deserves.

Louise Hay also talks a lot about how our physical bodies often hold a build up of emotions, for example unreleased anger can be stored as fat which results in cellulite! For me putting on the 15kg in one year was very much a protective mechanism, I was young and worked at a gym so I got a lot of male attention and I wanted it to stop, I thought that if I put on weight they would leave me alone. I was wrong though because the men were also attracted to my personality, my inner confidence and this is when I realised that I needed to stop running away from my emotions and instead of “eating them” I needed to deal with them. This is when I began to see my own personal development coach, to do the deeper work, because to wasn’t about the male attention or the food, it was about who I felt within myself. When I started my inner journey, I instantly began to feel a lot of my physical discomfort fall away.

And if you do have a daughter or nieces I advise you to read the book “Raising girls” by Steve Biddulph. It’s a book for parents who love their daughters deeply, whether they are newborns, teenagers, young women – or anywhere in between. Supporting our girls to feel secure, becoming an explorer, getting along with others, finding her soul, and becoming a woman – Raising Girls gives you a clear map of girls’ minds that accepts no limitations, narrow roles or selling-out of your daughter’s potential or uniqueness. All the hazards are signposted – bullying, eating disorders, body image and depression, social media harms and helps – as are concrete and simple measures for both mums and dads to help prevent their daughters from becoming victims.

I’m super passionate about this topic. Leave your comments below, or on my youtube channel. I’m really looking forward to hearing your comments around body image, so together we can make a bigger impact and stop the self hate war that so many of us battle every single day.

Love, happiness and hugs always
Millie xo

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