The world is meaningless until YOU give it a meaning!

‘I stopped explaining myself when I realised people only understand from their own filters.’

The world is meaningless until YOU give it a meaning! 

The truth is, no two people look at the world the same, this means that YOU interpret every experience you have the way you choose to. Therefore no one is every right or wrong, we all just look at things differently. You will never, ever, ever see me get in to an argument to prove that I am right, because my way is NOT the only way!

For example when my boyfriend and I moved in together we both folded the towels differently, no one was right or wrong, our mothers had just taught us differently. So now in a relationship together we can decide what is the right way for “us” in our household.

As we grow up we create our own beliefs, values and opinions that set us up for the way in which we interpret the world, these are what I call FILTERS. We use these filters to give meaning to our world.
To watch my video blog on this topic and learn more about how this can help you create a better life click here where I explain how our FILTERS work!

You may have heard of the saying ‘when you change your perspective you will change your life’. For example when your negative mind is really strong you may see the negative in every situation, you look in the mirror and hate what you see, you create drama in your relationship, you feel anxious and you start to see what’s not working in your life. OR without changing anything externally, when we look at our world through our truthful/positive mind we will start to see the beauty in every situation, when we look in the mirror we feel grateful for our bodies,  we feel calm, we start to appreciate our relationships and be thankful for everything that we do have.

Another example is if you send a text message to your friend and they don’t reply for a few days, YOU can interpret that as “you’ve done something wrong, they are annoyed at you and take it personally” OR you can change the meaning you give it to “they are busy, they have something going on and will reply later.” (Or you can just call them and get the facts so you know the TRUTH of what’s really going on!) Either way you determine how you feel through your thoughts and filters towards a situation. These filters can come from childhood, not feeling good enough or feeling abandoned. Through belief changing processes in my 1:1 coaching we can change your filters which will help you see the world differently so and can feel more positive and calm in your internal and external world.

So if you don’t like something simply change the meaning you give it! It can really be that easy and you can change ANY situation by simply changing the way you look at it. When you stop blaming everyone else and take full responsibility for your life, you have ultimate power for how you feel, the experiences you have and how you show up in the world.

Remember no one can ever make you feel anything because your feelings are yours! So next time you get triggered by someone or angry AT the other person, look into your own eyes in the mirror, process your own stuff, change the meaning you’re giving the situation and then respond with LOVE. It’s never out them darling, it’s ALWAYS about YOU (and this is the most powerful tool you can have!)

If you need any further help with knowing how to change some of your filters that do not serve you anymore so you can start to live a more positive life book in for your free 30 minute discovery session with me here.

‘When we change the way we look at things the things we look at change.’

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